Mark Wright

Coffee drinking, check shirt wearing meticulous and observant 22 year old West Midlands Documentary Photographer, who combines photography with a child-like instinct to find everything interesting.


An image part of a multimedia piece I am working on at the moment. Using Stills and sound to create a narrative.

Photo from the project ‘Entity’.

Two guns from Rays Flat.. Beautiful, beautiful little gems.

Wandering in Birmingham

It’s March and our Christmas tree is still up… and what?

random black and white from 120 roll.. I like it


Was just sat in the sun, outside uni, talking to a friend.  Ended up having a mind boggling but brilliant talk with a technician/lecturer

This kind of day is the reason I came to uni.

What a beautiful conversation it was! Thanks Ed!

You guys!

Morning/afternoon/evening/ guys!!
Since I’ve been on tumblr, not only has my work dramatically improved and become a little bit more fine tuned (still a long way to go), I have become aware of the concept of sharing my photographs, going out and creating work, talking to beautiful people like you lot, being involved/part of a ‘creative community’ and most importantly I now have the means to view work as stunning, inspirational and strong as the people I follow. So a huge thank you to you guys for my progression not as a photographer as such but as a human being.
Take it easy you guys and stay happy

I don’t upload many black and white photos, so here we are!